Saturday, March 29, 2008


Scripps oceanographic research vessels and research platform FLIP make up one of the largest academic fleets in the world. The institution's newest research vessel, the 274-foot R/V Roger Revelle, is named for the former director of Scripps and founder of the University of California, San Diego. Scripps ships have state-of-the-art research instruments to study marine life, the oceans, the seafloor, and the atmosphere. Cruises vary from local trips to expeditions as long as two and one-half years. Scripps research ships, available to scientists around the world, have steamed more than six million nautical miles in support of science and the academic community.
The following links are to videos from the Perspectives on Ocean Science series presented by Scripps.

Drugs from the Sea 27:26
Ocean Blues 53:50
The Beauty of Diatoms 49:31
Marine Science 26:35
The American Denial of Global Warming 58:37
Draining the Oceans 49:10
Phytoplankton in the Ocean 55:10
Exploring Life in the Extreme 44:00
Volcanoes 28:37
The Blueprints of Marine Life 28:27
Geology in Your Backyard 56:08
Scripps Fleet 58:27
Climate Change 51:16
Silent Ocean 28:12
Global Sea Level: An Enigma 53:26
Sounds in the Sea 56:24
Listening to Whales 28:13
Emperor Penguins 29:08
Mysteries in the Mud 50:23
Exploring Planetary Interiors 57:05

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