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Whale Wars - The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Video Series
The Dolphin Slaughter in Taiji, Japan - Nov. 2007 Video 9:45
Aliens of the Dark Video 3:27
Octopus Escape Artist Video 0:39
David Gallo: Bioluminescent Fish, Cuttlefish and Octopi Video 6:01
Tierney Thys: Step Into the Open Ocean Video 16:01


Susan Savage-Rumbaugh: Apes that write, start fires and play Pac-Man Video 17:36
Swamp Tigers Video 45:38
Wolves Video 49:28
Extreme Dinosaurs Video 48:56
Komodo Dragons Video 7:46
What Females Want and Males Will Do Video 8:22


Joshua Klein: The amazing intelligence of crows Video 11:33
Silence of the Bees Video 8:12
Bee Colony Collapse Video 16:23


Kakamega Rain Forest - Battle for survival Video 46.14
Bonnie Bassler: How Bacteria Talk Video 18:11
Peter Ward: Earth's Mass Extinctions Video 19:41
James Burke: After the Warming Video 1:46:59
Al Gore: New thinking on the climate crisis. Video 27:54
Garbage Island Video 1:02:49
CO2 Emissions from the United States Video 4:52
E-waste Disaster Video 20:29
BB2: So you thought you recycled your computer? Text
Massive Antarctic Ice Shelf Collapses Video 3:32
Earth Hour 2008 San Francisco Video 2:44
Global Warming - Early Warning - 1958 Video 1:19


Tar Sands: The Selling of Alberta Video 38:53
Tar sands and water Video 40:04
The Elephant in the Peak Oil Living Room Video 27:49
Deepwater Horizon Coverage at the Lair


Robin Chase: Getting cars off the road and data into the skies Video 13:39
Mark Bittman: What's wrong with what we eat Video 20:08
Paul Stamets: 6 Ways Mushrooms Can Save the World
Video 18:17
Michael Pollan: The Omnivore's Next Dilemma
Video 17:32
Spain's Solar Tower power plant Video 4:48
James Gustav Speth: Capitalism, the Environment, and Crossing from Crisis to Sustainability Video 54:19
Renewable Energy From the Deep Ocean Video 3:51
Bermuda Environmental Sustainability Taskforce Video 24:55


Stefan Heller: Deafness - Emerging Strategies for a Cure. Video 14:20
Emily Oster: What do we really know about the spread of AIDS? Video 15:46
Too Ugly for Love; Body Dysmorphic Disorder Video 56:28
BBC Brain Story: All in the Mind Video 49:06
BBC Brain Story: In the Heat of the Moment Video 49:04
BBC Brain Story: The Mind's Eye Video 49:01
BBC Brain Story: First Among Equals Video 44:36
BBC Brain Story: Growing the Mind Video 49:02
BBC Brain Story: The Final Mystery Video 48:47
Dan Dennett: On Our Consciousness Video 21:52
Jill Bolte Taylor: My stroke of insight Video 20:11


Wade Davis: Cultures at the far edge of the world Video 22:13
Phil Borges: Documenting our endangered cultures Video 18:45
The Collosseum Video 1:12:14
Deborah Gordon: How do ants know what to do? Video 15:46
Amy Smith: Simple designs that could save millions of children's lives. Video 15:03
Emily Oster: What do we really know about the spread of AIDS. Video 15:38
Robert Neuwirth: The shadow cities of the future. Video 14:07
Desiderata Video 9:25


Juan Enriquez: Beyond the crisis, mindboggling science and the arrival of Homo evolutis Video 19:41
Zeresenay Alemseged - Finding the Origins of Humanity Video 15:54


Underwater Volcanoes of the Northeast Pacific Video 1:28:38
Spaceship Earth Video 44:09
Mt. Etna Erupts Video 8:26
Snowball Earth Video 49:58




The Mysteries of Deep Space Video 2:06:31
Solar Storm Video 8:49
The Moon Video 44:08
Animation: Massive asteroid collision with earth
Video 7:05
Phoenix Lander successfully touches down on Mars Text
Hubble - 15 Years of Discovery. Video 1:21:40
Race on to save Hubble Space Telescope Text
Star Stuff Video 29:07


Scripps oceanographic research vessels and research platform FLIP make up one of the largest academic fleets in the world. The institution's newest research vessel, the 274-foot R/V Roger Revelle, is named for the former director of Scripps and founder of the University of California, San Diego. Scripps ships have state-of-the-art research instruments to study marine life, the oceans, the seafloor, and the atmosphere. Cruises vary from local trips to expeditions as long as two and one-half years. Scripps research ships, available to scientists around the world, have steamed more than six million nautical miles in support of science and the academic community.
The following links are to videos from the Perspectives on Ocean Science series presented by Scripps.

Drugs from the Sea 27:26
Ocean Blues 53:50
The Beauty of Diatoms 49:31
Marine Science 26:35
The American Denial of Global Warming 58:37
Draining the Oceans 49:10
Phytoplankton in the Ocean 55:10
Exploring Life in the Extreme 44:00
Volcanoes 28:37
The Blueprints of Marine Life 28:27
Geology in Your Backyard 56:08
Scripps Fleet 58:27
Climate Change 51:16
Silent Ocean 28:12
Global Sea Level: An Enigma 53:26
Sounds in the Sea 56:24
Listening to Whales 28:13
Emperor Penguins 29:08
Mysteries in the Mud 50:23
Exploring Planetary Interiors 57:05

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>Genes from tiny marine algae suggest unsuspected avenues for new researchText
>Polar Bear-Climate Connection Supported by New Study Text
>Huge hurdles ahead for effort to restore Sacramento and American River fisheriesText
>Supreme Court backs mining company’s pollution based in part on Bush Administration’s dismantling of the clean water act. Text
>40th Anniversary of the Cuyahoga River Fire Text
>Obama administration hides dangerous coal ash storage sites Text
>Office Depot launches redeveloped website promoting green products and operations Text
>Refrigerants set to spur climate changeText
>Obama backs of his campaign pledge thus sacrificing environment for economy Text
>Environment and Public Works Committee Passes CWRAText
>Increasing carbon dioxide and decreasing oxygen in the oceans will make it harder for deep-sea animals to "breathe"Text
>The World We Avoided by Protecting the Ozone Layer Text
>JPL Wind Watcher Blows Into its Second Decade Text
>Rising acidity levels could trigger shellfish revenue declines, job losses Text
>Hybrid Remotely Operated Vehicle “Nereus” Reaches Deepest Part of the Ocean Text
>NOAA Brings Great Lakes to Google EarthText
>Stefan Heller: Deafness - Emerging Strategies for a Cure.Video 14:20
> Brian Wandell: Understanding Blindness and the brainVideo 11:09
> Musical Savants - autism, blindnessVideo 8:52
> EPA CO2 plans caught between failing auto manufacturers and the environmentText
> Pond Scum – the new biofuel source Text
> How HIV virus enters a cellVideo 2:25
> Global carbon cycling through the Marine Icrobial LoopText
> Biak-Numfoor Rain Forests threatened by loggingText >
Forestry must evolve to support expanded use of biomass
> (UK) Butterfly numbers plunge to lowest level in 25 years Text
> Kansas Governor vetoes coal fired power plantsText
> NASA Successfully tests Ion DriveText
> Gemini Telescopes – Earth’s BinocularsVideo 5:25
> The Arctic ice is the thinnest on record as it heads into the summer, Text
> A Guide to Carbon Capture and Storage Research Portal
>Global warming seen worse than predicted Text
>Al Gore calls all scientists to fight global warming Text
>When Satellites Collide, Confusion Follows Text
>1/29/09 Ca. snowpack at 61% - prompts fear Text
>California Drought – Smelt vs. Salmon! Text
>Response to drought is dry run for a response to climate change Text
>Bushfires tear through south-eastern Australia Video 01:37
Australian police charge man with lighting deadly bushfire. Text
>44 story hotel burns in Bejing Video 02:21
>Aftermath - Beijing CCTV Annex Fire Video 0:39
>NSIDC Data Included in New Version of Google Earth Text
>Sea Shepherd Responds to the Media Release from the Institute for Cetacean Research Text
>Warm oceans won’t cool Text
>Himalayan region has big problems, few mechanisms to solve them Text
>Massive coal slag catastrophe in Tennessee Text
>Cleaner Diesel Trucks Ordered By CA Air Board Text
>EPA Administrator Illegally Declares No Regulation for Carbon Dioxide Text
>Liquid coal not a viable option to replace oil Text
>Online Glacier Photograph Collection Doubles Text
>All About Frozen Ground website launched Text
>Massive Jellyfish Swarms Text
>Earth Perspectives – A Collection of essays Text
>Monterey Deep-sea observatory goes live Text
>Discovery Of Warm Plasma Cloak Surrounding Earth Text
>Great Indian Ocean Earthquake Of 2004 Set Off Tremors In San Andreas Fault Text
>Charting a Bold Course – Time for Obama to uphold his environmental promises Text
>Renewable energy and energy efficiency generate
nearly 90,000 jobs in Colorado
>Disturbing trend – Residential coal use increasing Text
>Elephants live longer in the wild Text
>Japan's whaling fleet sets out for Antarctic Text
>Organic Bees free of Varroa mites Text
>A closer look at Obama’s energy plan Text
>Greenhouse Gas Four Times More Than Thought Text
>Aussie Miners Turn To Solar Tower Power Text
>Greenpeace Blockades Ageing Spanish Nuclear Plant Text
>Glacial Erosion Changes Mountain Responses To Plate Tectonics Text
>Sedimentary Records Link Himalayan Erosion Rates And Monsoon Intensity Through Time Text
>Global warming changing Walden Pond Text
>Buried Mars Glaciers May Be Remnants of Past Ice Age Text
>Dark Matter Proof Found Over Antarctica? Text
>Scientists Zero In On Arctic, Hemisphere-Wide Climate Swings Text
>Volkswagen Diesel Car Wins "Green Car of the Year" Text
>Snow In The Arctic: An Ingredient In A Surprising Chemical Cocktail Text
>Uproar over US drilling leases next to parks Text
>Methane Releases in the Arctic Ocean Text
>Huge Methane Release once warmed the earth Text
Oldest earth rock discovered in Canada Text
Foretold by the Elders, Yup’ik Eskimos must relocate due to melting icepack Text
Defrosting the Tundra Text
Over half of Europe’s amphibians face extinction by 2050 Text
The United Nations sponsors the World Focus on Autism forum. Text
Mildest season for West Nile Virus in seven years. Text
Pine Bark beetles damaging more than the trees Text
Plants in Forest Emit Aspirin Chemical to Deal with Stress Text
Artificial water systems create unintended consequences Text
Streams play critical role in preserving coastal zones Text
Chicago Announces Comprehensive Plan to Fight Climate Change Text
Mexico to host 2009 World Environment Day Text
FDA Faulted for Lack of Produce Oversight Text
> Arctic becomes an island as ice melts Text
>Gustav is just the start of a major hurricane season Text
>Fireflies in decline< Text
>Tidal power moves forward in Maine Text
>USDA Awards $35M for Renewables and Energy Efficiency Text
>Nevada governor chides Forest Service for handling of spreading forest fire Text
>Movement pushes SIUC to be more eco-friendly Text
>Smart growth measure fights greenhouse gas emissions Text
>Advent Solar Introduces Ventura(TM) Technology to Accelerate Scalable Silicon Photovoltaic Solutions Text
>Farmers leave organic food trade Text
>Climate change runs hot and cold - WWF Text
>Zimbabwe: Disease Fears as Bulawayo Water Shortage Worsens Text
>UNICEF stresses addressing issue of water shortage in Myanmar Text
>StatoilHydro, Nordic Mining to Develop Carbon Capture Technology Text
>How Carbon Capture Works Text
>What the Internet is doing to our brains Text
>Demise of Antarctic Ice Shelf Reveals New Life Text
>Atlantic Coral Reefs Are No Match for This Lion Text
>Antarctica Yields Two Unknown Dinosaur Species Text
>Methane Formation in the Oceans: New Pathway Discovered Text
>Quakes Under Pacific Ocean Floor Reveal Unexpected Circulation System Text
>Volcano inflating with molten rock at record rate Text
>Daily Sea Ice report Text
>Al Gore issues 10 year challenge for renewable energy Text
>The Importance of Sustainable Farmers Text
>NASA Imagery of California wild fires Text
>Icelandic volcanoes help researchers understand potential effects of eruptions Text
>Environment In Focus: Rachel Carson's environmental ethics. Text
>Okmok Volcano Erupts Text
>Will the Green New Deal deliver? Text
>Mau saga proves Kenyans do not care about environment Text
>Smithsonian Coral Biodiversity Survey of Panama’s Pearl Islands Text
>Chasing icebergs Text
>MBARI researcher points out lack of information on
chemical weapons dumps in the sea
>Great Lakes Surface Environmental Analysis Quicktime Animation
>Predicting Landslides by Satellite Text
>Logging and landslides: What went wrong?
>Chandra Uncovers Youngest Supernova in Our Galaxy
>The Tunguska Blast Text
>The Messenger Spacecraft Reveals New Information About Mercury's Geology Text
>Maps show potential ocean areas where winds might produce energy. Text
>Push for green biofuels 'has put food prices up by massive 75%' Text
>Science research to address food crisis Text
>Tropical Biofuels Getting Less and Less Green Text
>Construction damages important prehistoric site near Lebanon Text
>Search for first Americans to plunge underwater Text
>Save environment campaign leaves a trail of garbage Text
>Economic slowdown has increased environment awareness Text
>Environment minister finds Bourgas oil pipelines dangerous Text
>Norway to restrict travel to Svalbard in Arctic Ocean Text
>HIV first in humans 100 years ago Text
>Surprisingly Rapid Changes In Earth’s Core Text
<>Successful launch of OSTMission/Jason-2 Text
>Humans impacted by melting ice Text
>Honey Bees return, but why? Text
>No ice at the North Pole? [h/t 99] Text
>Mountains could have growth spurts Text
>Cassini Sees Collisions Of Moonlets On Saturn's Ring Text
>Fossilized Burrows Suggest Lizard-like Creatures Antarctica Text
>Indian radio jockey's mission to save environment Text
>"Meeting the Future" Launched on World Environment Day 2008 Text
>Indian radio jockey's mission to save environment Text
>United Kingdom Urges Global Action On Food Prices Text
>Sahel Stands At 'Ground Zero' Of Climate Change Text
>US experts, activists slam Bush opposition to climate change bill Text
>Nasa 'played down' global warming to protect Bush Text
>Holistic Understanding: Agricultural Chemicals In The Environment Text
>All eyes on NZ in battle to reduce carbon footprint Text
>June 5th - World Environment Day Text
>Astronauts anchor lab to space station Text
>Another Blow to Salmon: 75,000 Juvenile Fish Die In Experimental Trucking Program Text
>Over 80 percent of fisheries overfished. Text
>G8 Environment Ministers Agree on 2050 Climate Goal. Text
>Radio glitch delays activities for Mars lander.Text
>Threat from earthquake created lakes leads to further China evacuations. Text
>Children in Katrina trailers may face lifelong ailments. Text
>BB2 on FEMA formaldehyde bearing trailers. Text
>Food Banks struggle to provide for influx of needy. Text
>Crisis talks on global food prices. Text
>Encyclopedia of Earth launches Climate Change Collection Text
>Phoenix Lander successfully touches down on Mars Text
>Third Red Spot Forms on Jupiter Text
>Activists give government month-end deadline to form environment committee Text
>His Holiness the Dalai Lama express concern for Tibet's fragile environment Text
>G8 Environment Ministers Push for Post-Kyoto Agreement Text
>Korea's Secondary Packing Habit Threatens Environment Text
">Extreme Weather - the climate connection Video 1:55
>CO2 - Earth's thermostat Video 1:46
>Engines of change - Is diesel really the answer? Text
>World wildlife numbers down 25% in 3 decades Text
>Astronomers announce discovery of youngest supernova in Milky Way Text
>Researchers warn of nitrogen hazard Text
>Documents link wind farm foes to energy firm Text
>I give up, says Brazilian minister who fought to save the rainforest Text
>Polar Bears get Protected Status Text
>Ice cores reveal fluctuations in the Earth's greenhouse gases Text
>Vast Chile volcano ash cloud partially collapses Text
>Archaeologist Uses Satellite Imagery To Explore Ancient Mexico Text
>Architecture For Fundamental Processes Of Life Discovered Text
>In pictures: How the world is changing Text
>CO2 highest in 650,000 years Text
>German environment minister warns UN biodiversity bid could fail Text
>Natural environment Shaped our culture Text
>India, Brazil have most environment-sensitive consumers, U.S. the least Text
>Study ranks Canadians second-last on environment Text
>Climatic Change Will Impact Human Health, Says WHO Text
>Unilever backs call for moratorium on palm oil deforestation in Indonesia
>Climatic Change Will Impact Human Health, Says WHO
>Global warming is affecting ‘poor children’ the most
>Rockefellers urge action on climate change
>Warmer ocean water means less oxygen
>Africa’s poorest nations starving
>Chile’s whale populations show signs of return
>Global human appropriation of net primary production Text
>Environment Coalition Targets 2008 Senate Races Text
>Cummins, Inc. Funding Anti-Environment Politicians Text
>Biodiversity loss will lead to ‘sick’ world Text
>Mysterious Lakes Under Antarctica May Be Threatened Text
>North Pole Ice Free in 2008? Text
>Important Bacteria Cultures Destroyed Text
>Why Monsanto Doesn't Want You to Know About Those Hormones in Your Dairy Text
>Not Guzzling Quite So Much Gas Text
>Climate change to hit beer production Text
>The End of Cheap Food? Text
>Wal-Mart's Sam's Club Restricts Purchase of Some Rice Text
>Scientists say accumulation of greenhouse gases accelerating Text

>Bush's Proposals Called Insufficient At Paris Conference Text
>As Australia dries, a global shortage of rice Text
>Where are the salmon? Text
>California bans salmon fishing in coastal waters Text
>UN warns of looming NKorea food crisis Text
>Maker of Vioxx Is Accused of Deception Text
>Balancing Biofuel, Food a Challenge for Britain Text + Audio 4:05
>Rising Demand for Meat Takes Toll on Environment Text + Audio 4:52
>Environment 'burning issue' for Aussies Text
>Health problems linked to chemical in plastic products Text
>New Cancer therapy to replace chemotherapy Text
>Bush's plan: Ax the environment Text
>Meat consumption reduction urged for better environment protection Text
>'Citizen Scientists' Watch for Signs of Climate Change Text
>State wildlife officials deny protection to pika Text
>Poor go hungry while rich fill their tanks Text
>Decision on salmon fishing ban due today Text
>Delta smelt could cause dry summer Text
>Food riots feared after rice price hits a high Text
>Food price rises threaten global security Text
>Migratory Beekeepers Worry About Their Livelihood Text
>Visualization of the global distribution of greenhouse gases Text
>Turbine technology turning tides into power Text
>Solar System's 'look-alike' found Text
>Australia Launches CO2 Geosequestration Project Text
>Relief Groups Respond to Sri Lanka Flooding Text
>New Heat on Bush Environment Chief Text
>Oil reserve site raises ire Text
>Reducing agriculture’s impact on the environment Text
>Hugo Chávez leads Venezuela in the Green movement Text
>Former hunters help save rare birds in Cambodia Text
>Another "Last Frontier" - sub-glacial lakes Text
>Oldest Human Remains in the Americas found Text
>You thought that was food? Text
>Aviation's impact on global warming Text
>Paris Airport going Green Text
>Study: No solar link to global warming Text
>Malaysia scraps coal plant plans Text
>Kangaroos get 2nd reprieve. Text
>When Penguins Fly Video 1:31
>More FEMA formaldehyde trailers found Text
>The risks of certain biofuels Text
>Record Oil Profits Video 8:08
>Major oil companies grilled by Congress Text
>Western U.S. temperatures rising faster Text
>Corn shortage = rationing and higher food prices Text
>Race on to save Hubble Space Telescope Text
>25 environmental threats of the future Text
>Cell phone use worse than smoking Text Article
>Cell phone use worse than smoking Text of Report
>Taiji's annual dolphin slaughter exposed Text
>Massive Ice Shelf Collapses Video 3:59
>Earth Hour 2008 Video 3:00