Saturday, March 29, 2008


Revisions: All video links now corrected, Robert Neuwirth video successfully uploaded, links added, spelled dolphin correctly.

Remaining issue: Recent comments font color, pondering final font size for posts.

Revisions: Corrected all but one link - upload for Robert Neuwirth crashed,
Changed the color for the recent comments - I'm not yet satisfied.

Beta 1.01

Some links may be disabled as I rebuild the database. Links with a description following them have been corrected.

Revisions: Changed font colors, resolved some links.

Beta 1.00a
This is a work in progress. At this point there is some confusion with the video links and some video links that take you to the wrong video.
I will be working to correct this problem over the next couple of days. I will also be adding identifiers as to which links are text and which are videos, also the video lengths for your convenience.
For an explanation see the comments HERE

Link Failure! Due to the way that Splashcast displays their RSS link folder I was under the impression that each video would have its own RSS link.
I arrainged the videos into "shows" for each of the post headings to make keeping track of them easier.
As it turns out the links are not for the individual video, but rather for the show containing the video.
This situation is limited to the linked files held on the Splashcast server. Until I have had a chance to make each linked video its own show the following work-around will get you to the rest of the links.

Click on any link in the category you wish. The player will start on the first link I added to the show. When you mouse over the player, thumbnails for the other videos in the show will appear at the bottom. Mouse over the thumbnails to find the one you want you want to watch and click it.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

All good things take time!


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